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Care & Maintenance

General Guidelines: Terrazzo

Simple Guide to Installing Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo flooring is a stylish and sturdy option for various settings, from high traffic areas to residential spaces. When planning your tile installation, keep in mind the following tips to ensure a flawless and long-lasting finish.

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Selecting the Right Contractor

  • Choose a contractor with experience in terrazzo, ceramic, and porcelain tiles. Experience matters when selecting a contractor for your project. Their expertise in natural stone tile and terrazzo will be crucial for a successful installation.

  • Proper Preparation: Your contractor should assess the area to determine the right substrate and materials needed. This step is vital for ensuring the tiles can withstand foot traffic and other stresses.

  • Material Guidance: Let your contractor choose the right materials for your terrazzo tiles, such as the right grout and adhesives.

  • Surface Protection: During and after installation, it's essential to protect the surface. Avoid using masking tape, which can leave residue. Opt for a tape designed for easy removal to keep your tiles clean and stain-resistant.

Product Considerations

  • Color Consistency: Terrazzo comes in a variety of colors. To achieve a uniform appearance, blend the materials well before laying the tile.

  • 1. Make sure to review your order. Check that it aligns with your project details. This is especially important if you are using unique tiles such as mosaic or subway tiles.

  • Mockup Board: Have your contractor make a sample board to try out grout, sealers, and maintenance products before starting. This step helps you visualize the finished tile and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Choose a sealer and test it on a few tiles to make sure it improves the material without making it slippery. The right sealer should repel moisture and protect your tiles in both dry and wet areas.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Preventing Slips: Make sure the sealer does not make the floor too slick, especially in areas prone to spills or moisture. Slip-resistant tiles and sealers are crucial for safety.

  • Regular Upkeep: Choose a sealer that comes with suitable maintenance products for your terrazzo tiles. Regular cleaning and resealing will keep your tiles looking new and extend their lifespan, particularly in high traffic areas.

Recommended Sealer Companies

Consider these reputable companies for quality sealers and technical support:

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