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Care & Maintenance

General Guidelines: Terrazzo

There are many manufacturers and sealers available for terrazzo, please note the below critical points:

Installation Notes:

  • The appropriate substrate must be determined by your contractor.
  • Your contractor will test and guide you to the appropriate installation materials.
  • Hiring a knowledgeable tile contractor with previous experience with terrazzo is essential.
  • Protection of the surface during and after installation, including sealing, is essential.
  • DO NOT USE MASKING TAPE ON THE SURFACE OF TERRAZZO. This will leave a glue residue that will absorb dirt over the coming months and years. Use tape that is meant for glue-free release.

Product Notes:

  • Make sure to blend the materials to account for color variations prior to installing.
  • Please double check to be sure your order is as specified prior to installation.
  • We recommend requiring your contractor to make a “mockup” board to test grout, sealers, and maintenance products prior to the commencement of project installation.
  • We strongly advise testing loose pieces with your chosen sealer prior to project application.
  • The end user client will want to see changes to the look or if the sealer enhances the material in any way. There are sealers which enhance material colors.
  • The end user client will want to test for water absorption and how the sealer repels and reacts to moisture.
  • The end user client will want to be sure that the sealer tested does not make the floor slick, potentially creating slip liabilities.
  • The end user client will also want to make sure that their selected sealer has appropriate maintenance products for the use and traffic conditions of the project.

Please research the sealer companies in your local area, however, the following companies have excellent products and technical help lines that we implore you to use for all your questions.

  • Fila Surface Solutions –
  • Dry Treat –
  • Stone Tech –

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