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Care & Maintenance

General Guidelines: Rustic Ceramic Tile

Rustic style tile emulates a handmade process and is unlike many current and machine-made products sold today.

These tiles are made with intentional imperfections and traits of human involvement. Color, size, surface, and edge variation is what gives this material the beauty and warmth that the design intent desires.

The installation must therefore be sensitive to the aesthetics of “authentic” tile and time must be given for a proper installation. Finding and hiring a contractor who understands and has the experience with products of this type and style is critical to achieve the finished look that is desired.

We recommend requiring your contractor to make a “mockup” board to test grout, sealers, and maintenance products prior to the commencement of project installation.

Please note the qualities and recommendations listed below:

  • These tiles have variation in size, thickness, color, surface, and edge textures, these are the desirable aspects and part of the character of these materials.
  • Expect some tiles to have slight and small “blemishes” with tiny spots or glaze pooling
  • Blending the material from multiple boxes so color variation from production and/or differing batches is attractively blended within the installation
  • Grout joints will have variation as a result of the size and edge variation
  • If your tile has engineered crazing within the glaze (a desired effect), tiles must be sealed and maintained with a sealer in wet areas (showers).
  • Always test grout colors for absorption or staining prior to grouting the entire job

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