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Your Premier Partner for Creative Materials

At Design & Direct Source, we are not just a supplier; we are your creative partner. Under our expert guidance, with a keen eye for quality products, we have forged strong connections with leading manufacturers worldwide. Our in-depth understanding of materials and their applications allows us to precisely match your project requirements with the most suitable creators.

Client-Focused Solutions

Our commitment to you extends beyond just supplying products. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality materials at competitive prices, paired with inventive and prompt solutions to your queries. Our dedicated regional teams are always on hand to deliver samples, detailed technical information, and swift pricing responses, ensuring your project progresses smoothly.

Sustainability (1)


At DDS, we believe in honesty and transparency, even when it comes to acknowledging the environmental challenges inherent in the stone and tile industry. While we strive to prioritize sustainability, we recognize the complexities involved. Our commitment extends beyond mere rhetoric, as we actively seek solutions to mitigate environmental impact.

While some of our products incorporate renewable or recycled materials, we understand that sourcing materials globally can offset these efforts. Additionally, the nature of stone and tile production poses inherent environmental challenges. However, we remain dedicated to minimizing our footprint wherever possible.

Despite these challenges, we're transparent about our sourcing and manufacturing processes, allowing you to make informed decisions for your projects. Our sustainability indicators on each item page serve as guides, offering insight into the eco-conscious options available.

We're committed to continuous improvement and transparency, striving to balance environmental responsibility with the demands of our industry. Join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

Who We Are

We're passionate about what tile and stone can bring to your design.

We are a team of diverse and creative individuals who love what tile can do for a space. Dedicated regional service teams ensure personal and profitable communication and collaboration.

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