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Eaton Workshop

Designed in collaboration with New York-based Gachot Studios with a theme of bohemian comfort and sustainability. Completed in 2018, the Eaton Workshop in Washington DC takes over the former Sheraton Four Points Hotel.

Each guest bathroom at Eaton DC features custom tile from floor to wall. Design and Direct Source was able to color match to create a variegated 2x2" mosaic and a custom black and white print floor tile from our Santos factory. For the tile body DDS was able to replicate the look of Moroccan Zellige and encaustic tile for a fraction of the cost and without the durability issues that plague those beautiful but vulnerable materials.

There is a global change where people are becoming more aware and selective of the products, places, and experiences they’re engaging with. Consumers today are investing in goods that align with their moral compass and bring them happiness. In the hospitality industry, travelers are looking to really get a good connection to the city and its community. We feel that hotel spaces are only truly successful if the local community sees it as a resource and values it as a second home. Having a physical space that is warm and comfortable, wherein we invite the local community to contribute to the conversation alongside the guests incites a real dialogue, one that isn't necessarily possible in a digital context. The beauty of hospitality is that despite tech trends, hospitality will always mean welcoming real people to physical spaces.

Katherine Lo

Founder and President, Eaton Workshop


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